Precision Viticulture for Harvest Segmentation

30 April 2021

Studies show that using precision viticulture to determine the harvest segmentation can increase revenue by 20%.

This involves separating the fields into different zones for different picking times. Using algorithms to determine the best sections, and where to sample those sections to determine ripeness is critical to the success when improving vineyard quality output.

How do we do this today?

Using remote sensing data we can see the health of the vines from the sky. This vigor map allows us to do this split of a single field into smaller parcels. Next, each parcel is carefully sampled for quality and ripeness. Our application can show you exactly where in the field to get those samples! Each parcel is harvested independently and even at different times as necessary in order to separate higher quality grape products from the lesser quality. Separate harvesting can be more expensive in terms of time, however this cost is more than outweighed by the benefits of higher quality wine product. Many new picking automation systems also are capable of using GPS based picking maps to segregate the harvest into separate bins.

Ask Vingineers about our VineMap software!

For further reading, check out this study paper which shows a case study where a 20% increase in revenue was generated by this method:

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