Precision Viticulture for Harvest Segmentation

June 18, 2017 - Uncategorized

Vingineers seeks to aid wine grape farmers by developing algorithms and deploying them in such a way as to aid an increase in sustainable farming.

What is the value that Vingineers can bring to vignerons today, while more advanced algorithms are being developed?  The first answer is harvest segmentation.  Multiple studies have been performed on the process of harvest segmentation where a precision viticulture tool (Drones, satellite, tractor sensors) are used to generate a map of vigor which is then used to split a single field into smaller parcels.  Next, each parcel is carefully sampled for quality and ripeness.  Each parcel is harvested independently and even at different times as necessary in order to separate higher quality grape products from the lesser quality.  Separate harvesting can be more expensive in terms of time, however this cost is more than outweighed by the benefits of higher quality wine product.  Many new picking automation systems also are capable of using GPS based picking maps to segregate the harvest into separate bins.

Vingineers can generate these maps with our VineMap software.

For further reading, check out this study paper which shows a case study where a 20% increase in revenue was generated by this method:

Example segregation

Field is the division of fields based upon vigor, which is highly correlated to grape quality.

This allows for easy determination of higher quality regions (after sampling of regions).



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